Click on the picture above to watch the first episode of the Smart City Kids video series:

Energy is all around us, but what is it really? This episode teaches us about the different forms of energy and some smart energy saving tips as well!

Smart City Kids


Join the fun with Smart City Kids, a series of virtual multi-media shows aimed to educate children aged 4 – 8 on key environmental issues such as energy, waste, water, transport, food and protecting our biodiversity.


These shows are based on the Smart Living Handbook and feature 10 fun-filled chapters. Each episode is free to view and consists of a series of short, pre-recorded lessons to share with your children. 

Episode line up:

Episode 1: Energy - What is energy?

Episode 2: Energy - The burning question: Where does our energy come from?

Episode 3: Water - The wonderful world of water.  

Episode 4: Water - Every drop counts.

Episode 5: Waste - Life after the bin: What happens to our waste?

Episode 6: Waste - The three R’s of waste.

Episode 7: Transport - Moving forwards: Learning about transport.

Episode 8: Environment - The world outside: Exploring our surroundings.

Episode 9: Food - Being smart about food: What’s on your plate? 


A partnership between the City and the Two Oceans Aquarium


A City of Cape Town Initiative


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