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Episode 9: Food - Being smart about food: What’s on your plate? 

Our final episode explores food – where it comes from and how it’s grown. We also look at healthy eating and the impact our food choices can have on our environment so that our Smart City Kids can learn to make healthy food choices.

Smart City Kids


Join the fun with Smart City Kids, a series of virtual multi-media shows aimed to educate children aged 4 – 8 on key environmental issues such as energy, waste, water, transport, food and protecting our biodiversity.


These shows are based on the Smart Living Handbook and feature 10 fun-filled chapters. Each episode is free to view and consists of a series of short, pre-recorded lessons to share with your children. 

Image by Kiana Bosman

Smart City Kids video line up:

Episode 1: Energy is all around us, but what is it really? This episode teaches us about the different forms of energy and some smart energy saving tips as well!

Episode 2: Energy - The burning question: Where does our energy come from?

In this episode, our Smart City Kids  learn all about the different sources of energy, and why some of them are better than others.

Episode 3: Water - The wonderful world of water.  We dive into the different states of water and learn about the water cycle.

Episode 4: Water - Every drop counts.

In this episode, we’ll learn why water is so important for all living things, and some ways we can be smart when we use water.

Episode 5: Waste - Life after the bin: What happens to our waste?

Smart City Kids find out where our waste goes once we’ve put it in the bin, and how recycling works to reduce our waste.

Episode 6: Waste - The three R’s of waste.

In this episode we’ll explore some ways we can reduce our waste, think of how we can reuse waste items, as well as learn how to recycle and compost!

Episode 7: Transport - Moving forwards: Learning about transport.

This episode teaches our Smart City Kids about different kinds of transport and how we can make smart transport choices to help protect our environment.

Episode 8: Environment - The world outside: Exploring our surroundings.

In this episode, Smart City Kids will learn all about the natural world outside and why it’s important to help protect it.

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