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The City Cares


The City of Cape Town, together with many major cities from around the world - including the three other South African metros - has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of the global effort to curb the effects of climate change whilst building a resilient future for our city.  This ambitious goal is only possible if every Capetonian understands the role they play and the positive choices they can make in their own homes. For a city like Cape Town, being carbon neutral is synonymous with creating a cleaner, more equitable, resource efficient and resilient city. In the process we learn to thrive on innovation to generate sustainable livelihoods while providing affordable and accessible services to our residents.


"The mission of the Sustainable Energy Markets Department’s is to enhance the dignity and resilience of our citizens and transform our city by pioneering a new low-carbon energy future. We are actively working on developing energy securit and energy diversification. This supports the vision and mission of Cape Town as a forward-looking, innovative, globally competitive business city and enhancing resource efficiency and security."

Leila Mahomed Weideman Director:

Sustainable Energy Markets


The City of Cape Town is committed to
providing an energy service that 100% CARES

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C: Clean:

Moving towards renewable energy and away from dirty coal-based energy; providing clean energy options in people’s homes so they don’t have to rely on unhealthy energy sources like paraffin.


A: Accessible:

Everyone in Cape Town should have access to electricity.

100% electrification is the goal and we are very close; programmes to support areas that cannot be electrified are also underway. 

R: Reliable:

Cape Town aims to have a secure energy supply with limited outages. This might mean an energy system that is not 100% reliant on Eskom.


E: Equitable:

All Capetonians should have equal access to energy and the electrical grid.  Energy should also be affordable so that no Capetonian is in energy poverty and those wishing to generate their own electricity should pay for their use of the network too.


S: Safe:

Energy used throughout Cape Town should be as safe as possible.  Whether it’s the nuclear energy generated at Koeberg or replacing candles in people’s homes, our goal should be an energy future in which everyone is safe.  Zero tolerance of tampering, household energy sources that don’t impact negatively on our health and a network fed with energy that doesn’t jeopardise our future.